I think I am going to start keeping a sort of “diary” about my journey to discover my roots.  I have been doing this genealogy “thang” since I watched the first episode of Who Do You Think You Are.  I found all the episodes to be emotional and inspiring.  This journey has added so much depth to my life.  When you discover who your ancestors were, where they lived, and what was going on in history at that time, it gives you more of a sense of responsibility to live your own life so that their hardships were not in vain. 

My roots are so deep in South Carolina it would take a bulldozer to pull them out.  On both my dad’s and mom’s side, generation after generation have been born, lived, fought, worked, and died in South Carolina way back to the 1700’s. I have found on my Dad’s side at least 2 ancestors that fought in the Revolutionary War.  My Dad’s side mainly settled in Beaufort County, South Carolina, my mother’s side mainly in Horry County, South Carolina.  Interestingly, I can’t find many ancestors that actually fought in the Civil War, but everytime I look at the 1860 Census I wonder what they were thinking and feeling with the winds of war at their doorsteps. 

My Dad’s tree contains a very  interesting branch, and it is this branch that has me obsessed.  It seems that my Dad’s Dad (my grandfather) married into a group of Irish Catholic famine immigrants.  In the early 1840’s, Ireland was experiencing the Potato Famine caused largely by English oppression.  From 1846 through 1851, hundreds of thousands of starved, poor Irish Catholics poured into American ports in New York, Savannah, Philadelphia, Boston, and many others.  My Dad’s tree contains six of these immigrants.  Little by little, I have been able to put the pieces together.  The more the puzzle is put together, the more fascinated and obsessed I become.  I want to know everything about their lives and journey, and it is their story and my journey to put their story together that I want to write about.